Owner utilises Cutting Point technology. Developed in Japan, Cutting Point is a revolutionary hook design that creates for a triple edged cutting blade led by a t-shaped sharp point. This enables the hook to penetrate fish with little resistance, forming the smallest possible hole and creates for a fast pick up when a fish hits your lure. As the hook begins to penetrate the fish, the three cutting edges slice their way through the toughest scales, cartilage and even jawbones for a positive, effortless hook set.


The side view shows a flat inside cutting surface, needle point barb with a back-forged cutting edges which also serves as a spine to reinforce the point.


The top view shows the needle-sharp point, with both side cutting edges along the rigged forged spine.


The bottom view shows a needle-sharp point and smooth inside cutting surface boarded by two cutting edges.


Owner Hooks are constructed from Taff Wire. This leading hook technology makes for stronger, sharper, and harder hooks. Taff Wire material provides the hook with an added strength that is not found in standard carbon steel wire. The heat-treatment technology used in Taff Wire allows Owner Hooks to have a sharper angle taper construction, meaning that the hook stays sharper for longer, has more strength when using non-stretch braided line, and won’t bend or twist when the hook is under load from a fish. Taff Wire is the ultimate hook material for Australian conditions.


Owner are always spearheading Hook technology. Their Twisted And Tip Twisted designs allows for better hookset and penetration, designed to corkscrew into the fish when it bites the hook. Unlike conventional hooks, which are typically stamped to a pyramid point, Twisted Tip technology means that Owner hooks don’t encounter any resistance when entering the fish, meaning that dream catch won’t get away.


The Chemically Sharpened finish on all Owner hooks means that they never need sharpening. Straight out of the packet, Owner hooks are piercingly sharp and will remain so due to anticorrosive and undeadening technologies. The needle-sharp point on all Owner hooks allows the fisherman to spend less time with a file and stone, and more time fishing. The only time a hook will need replacing is when its down the throat of that next mega catch.


Owner’s Taffed Ring Eyelets create for seamless knot tying conditions. The smooth chemically sharpened finish on the hooks means that there is no sharp edges to hinder your knot, while the RINGED and OVAL RINGED eyes allow for snelled and double hooked rigs to be tied with ease. The groove along the back of the hook shank keeps the line securely in place and reduces the risk of your knot slipping and loosening when on the water.


The tin, red, black and chrome finish to the hooks means that all water conditions can be adjusted to, with something for murky, clear, brown or offshore waters. Every fishing scenario has been thought of in the Owner hooks range. The signature black chrome finish is Owner taking species familiarisation to the next level. The dark finish means that less light is reflected off the hook when trolling baits offshore, which gives for a more natural presentation. This not only encourages more strikes from wary gamefish but is highly resistance to saltwater corrosion.


Owner’s Power Class Rating takes the guess work out of choosing the treble you need. Created for fisherman, by fisherman, the power class rating chart allows the angler to identify the wire diameter, barb, the hook point shape, and the colour from a six-digit code which is conveniently placed on all Owner treble packets. A quick glance at the tackle store, and you can match your hook with the type of lure or bait you are trying to rig, suited to the type of species and terrain you are fishing in.


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