Crafting Perfection

The driving force behind Owner’s trademark standard

Owner Hooks started like all quality projects do; in a small workshop where smoke, dust and metal clippings line the floors as the sound of rustling hammers and crunching pliers penetrate the timber walls. With only the local Japanese fisherman in mind, Owner cut, heated and hand-crafted a single piece of metal into a hook that fell not a fraction short of their soon to be trademark standard: perfection.

It was these humble beginnings in the darkness of that small workshop that allowed Owner to perfect the minor detail in their hooks. Being strong wasn’t enough, they had to be indestructible. Sharpness was merely a stepping-stone to piercing, and no opportunity for detail was surpassed. In the late 1960’s, as recreational fishing was slowly transitioning into the global obsession that it now is, Owner was carefully locked away developing a hook that would change the game for how anglers target and land fish.

Five generations later, and it is this level of excellence that has allowed Owner to turn that small workshop into a global hook-manufacturing laboratory which is equipped with some of the leading technology in the metal fabrication industry. With perfection still being the driving force behind their craft, Owner has broadened their focus from the local Japanese fishing community to the global recreational fishing populace.

For more than fifty years Owner have connected fisherman, to fish. Where it be within the canals that lapped onto that small workshop in Japan, to some of the most secluded corners of the globe, they have devoted their time to developing high performance hooks that are perfectly suited to all salt and freshwater fishing scenarios.

With Australia home to some of the most aggressive and gruelling fish in the world, which live in some of the most rugged and punishing environments, perfection cannot be compromised on. Owner make hooks to suit every style of lure and bait fishing that the Australian environment is going to throw at it. From Australian bass and trout in the shallows, to barramundi and mangrove Jack off the snags, to marlin offshore and GT’s on the reef, there is an Owner hook that has been designed and tested for Australian waters.

Today, Owner counts on a factory employing over 800 people, with each and every one having a devoted passion to fishing. With employees from various continents, Owner is able to keep a watchful eye on the fishing market across the globe and make sure that no matter what fishing scenario there is, Owner has perfected a solution.


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