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Owner’s large of range of circle hooks has placed them at the forefront of sustainable fishing technology in Australia. The unique offset ‘hangnail’ on their circle hooks provides for positive jaw hook-ups, leaving less of a chance for the fish to be ‘gut-hooked’. With over nine circle designs in the range, Owner is ensuring that no fish, regardless of its size, is lost at the expense of a hook. With all circle hooks in the range featuring the corrosion-resistant black chrome finish, Owner is upping the ante on their already customary sharpness and strength that we have come to know. With a range of light, medium and heavy gauged hooks, in a range of sizes, Owner’s circle hook range is one of the most advanced in the hook manufacturing scene. Whether it be kingfish on live squid, mulloway in the harbour, bream off the boat ramp or marlin off the shelf, there is an Owner circle hook for your fishing needs.


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