The Flashy Swimmer is a unique hook that has taken tackle design ingenuity to the next level. Modelled off the success of the spinnerbait, the Flashy Swimmer combines vibration and flash with weed or snag resistant hooks, all in the aim of getting Aussie fishos connected to big native fish. The spinner blade is attached to a non-moveable weight that keels a weedlessly rigged soft plastic perfectly. The added weight helps to swim the rigged bait down into the strike zone, while the blade adds an attractant that you don’t find in other lures. The careful design of the Flashy Swimmer means that whilst the wire can pivot around the embedded weight, it still sees the blade ride horizontal with a steady retrieve. The twist lock permanent rigging system means that the lure will be securely screwed into the hook, allowing for long days on the water with little tackle maintenance required.  When choosing a hook, anglers are given the option of a gold Colorado blade, or a hammered nickel-finished willow lead blade, meaning that is there something for all fishing scenarios where something ‘extra’ is needed to get the bite.


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